Preen was looking for a way to show off their new lawn fabric in an instructional and informative way. Our approach introduced the hastle of weeding throughout time, then demonstrated how the Weed Control Fabric solves the age old dilemma.

Cracker Jack

Looking to tap into the 40-something demo, Cracker Jack asked us to create a spot that reminded people of the fun they've had in their life with the product. We delivered a commercial featuring a shopper who accidentally bumps into Cracker Jacks and is taken back to her childhood memories.


For UPS we animated a 45 second ad that was featured as part of their UPS MyChoice campaign. Our characters demonstrate a situation where a package is delivered, but no one is there to receive it. UPS scientists devise a way to make it possible for recipients to be alerted when a package is near, and to give them a way to re-route or reschedule the package.

Ambit Energy

We had a lot of fun with Mr. Bux and his neighbors. For Ambit Energy we created two 30 second ads featuring the antics one family would go through to reduce their energy bill. Mr. Bux, the smooth talking next door neighbor catches them in the middle of their efforts and reminds them there’s an easier way to save money on their energy bill.

My Music

One of Youtube’s biggest ongoing series with over 21 million video views, My Music chronicles the lives of the staff of a fictitious multimedia company. In it’s first year we were tasked with creating all of the motion graphics, show openers, and visual effects for each of it’s four shows per week. Catch every episode on their youtube page.