The Fish Belong To The People

The Fish Belong to the People, a feature length documentary, follows a group of family fishermen in Port Clyde, Maine as they work to save their fishing grounds from government, market structure, and themselves. With each passing season their way of life has slowly been extinguished by old ways of doing business that favors the most efficient and destructive ways of fishing over sustainability.

In the last forty years fishing technology has advanced largely unchecked and without conscious attention to the preservation of the fish stocks. As a result government and big business are slowly pushing small family fishermen out in the name of conservation.

With nothing left to lose, the local fishermen of Port Clyde are trying to stay afloat by finally becoming an environmentally friendly operation. Their proactive association is developing cleaner ways of fishing by reducing their use of powerful technologies at sea. On land they retool how their catch is sold- as a cleaner alternative that comes fresh off the boat straight to the public. Ultimately it is the people as consumers who will put their support behind factory machines or local family owned boats.

Western Union

Having access to cash while traveling can be difficult, but Western Union set out to make it easier with a new way to send money to yourself globally. We created Douglas and his cat and sent him on a trip to various parts of the world where they visited iconic landmarks and shopped for both human and cat stuff. Both 2D and 3D animation was used to create this smooth and sleek 30 second commercial.

Domtar Paper

For Domtar Paper we created a fun one minute spot that dispels the notion that using paper is harmful to the environment by taking a trip through the life cycle of paper. Using a toy-like style and bright colors we brought a heavy dose of nostalgia to the piece.

Breyers Ice Cream

Our 30 second Breyers ad focuses on a Mother character who sees her family busy with their interests and thinks of a way to bring them all together: ice cream. She boards the ice cream truck, a Breyers carton, and scoops them up one by one. The final frame has the whole family enjoying a cone together.

Credit Cards Dot Com asked us to create a 30 second commercial outlining how easy it is to get a credit card that will reward you with the kinds of benefits that suit you the best. We created Tammy, an animated character who uses points earned on purchases to make her dream of visiting Paris come true.

Dell Win8 Tutorials

Dell commissioned us to create a series of tutorial videos for the launch of Windows 8. The result was a comprehensive animated guide to the basic functions of the operating system and how to navigate around using the keyboard and mouse or touch interface.

Dell Laptops

To promote Dell’s new laptops we created a minute long ad featuring animal characters working in an corporate setting. Bernard the IT bear gets a call from someone within the company who caught word that there might be an upgrade in laptops. She tries to bribe him to get her hands on one, but it backfires when he is finally able to tell her everyone in the office will get an upgrade.


Dizzy Dancers

Hasbro asked for a commercial for their new toy line featuring bright colors and high energy. We delivered this 3D spot that features a cartoon version of the toy and highlights its basic features.